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Hello Beautiful!

Saturday, February 14th, 2009


Welcome to the very first issue of my Beauty Blog! I am so excited to begin sharing my favorite tips, and the very latest in beauty with all of my girlfriends!


So I figured it was only fitting to share my first blog posting with my absolute, would not be without ~ ever, beauty must-have: Lipstick!


If you are like most gals,lipstick22 lipstick is the first beauty product that you owned. I still remember my very first tube. The shade was called Ballerina Pink. It came in a most glamorous looking gold-tone tube. When you opened the tube, you had to push up the tiny, little, metal tab on the side with your thumb to move the lipstick up to apply. It looked heavenly and smelled absolutely wonderful. And to top it off – it even matched my seventh grade graduation pink dress perfectly.

My 7th grade graduation was full of firsts for me ~ first time I was allowed to wear lipstick; first time to wear heels – pink, of course – and only ¼ inch ‘kitten’ height – but I figure that still counts; and also first for pantyhose ~ after shaving my legs for, of course, the first time, but that is another story – I don’t think that the nude bandages showed through the ‘suntan’ hosiery too much.


That warm summer grammar school graduation evening, way back then – date totally forgotten – began my lifelong love affair with lipstick. And I am not the only one. Beauty industry statistics show that over 85% of all American women wear lipstick. I can’t answer for the other 15% who are totally missing out on this wonderful beauty pick me up, but I can share with you some other interesting statistics about the beauty industry’s number one selling product ~ out selling all other cosmetic products four times over!


lip_bullet Women reported that they would rather forget their wallet than their lipstick.


lip_bullet The average per purse total lipstick count is three, with at least five, ten, or more at home. For me you need to add a least an extra zero or two, and maybe even a comma, for my total count. I might need to go to lipstick rehab.


lip_bullet 2009 Lipstick celebrates its 126 year anniversary. While coloring the lips dates back to 3500 BC, the lipstick ‘stick’ was introduced in 1883 at the Amsterdam World Fair by two Frenchmen.


lip_bullet In the 1920’s when film stars began pouting bee-stung ruby lips on the big screen, lipstick ice was broken and women everywhere clamored for this enticing bit of glamour.


lip_bullet Every person’s lip print, like fingerprints, is unique. The study of lip prints is actually known as Cheiloscopy, and was introduced in 1930 by a top French Criminologist whose discovery help catch a Peeping Tom via his lip print left on an outside window pane.


No other cosmetic has enjoyed the limelight like lipstick. Personally I attribute a woman’s attraction to lipstick because of its stories, promises, and unlimited possibilities.


Whatever your reason for wearing it ~ enjoy it and your individual beauty!


I look forward to your comments, beauty tips and beauty questions, if you have them. Always remember to surround yourself with beauty!






Susie Galvez