June 26th, 2009



Things have certainly changed in the 40 plus years since Dionne Warwick’s song “Don’t Make Me Over,” was the number one song on Billboards top records hit chart. 


woman-getting-makeup-brushes-everywhereToday just about every magazine, TV show, newspaper and newly launched beauty book author, are all singing – if not shouting – at the top of their lungs:  “Please… let us make you over!”  As I am writing this, I googled the word “makeover” and up came 3,810,000 hits!  Almost 4 million website pages with makeover information– that is incredible.


I have to admit that there is something magical in watching someone go from frumpy to fabulous seeming before our eyes, that is both fascinating – as well as encouraging – “if she can look that good, then I certainly can too!”  It is no wonder that the ‘Before and after Makeover’ has been around since 1980 (almost 30 years!) when the TV show, Sally Jesse Raphael, debuted the Makeover concept on her national TV show.  Even today millions of women, including myself, still turn on, tune in, or turn the pages, to see what we can do to change ourselves from ‘glum to glamorous’ in just a few easy to do steps. 



A ‘Makeover,’ can be a good thing.  What I call a ‘Fakeover’is NOT the same  ~ by any stretch of the imagination, monalisamakeup-pix-for-blog

and is always a bad thing.  Fakeovers are makeovers gone crazy ala ‘extreme’ ~ while it may work for TV ratings, and magazine sales, in real life, I gotta tell you that I, nor any of the gals I know are dying to get lifted, lipo’d, lasered, beached, or teeth capped while on national TV.  Plus these crazy, some of the over the top TV shows, have gotten so extreme, that in my opinion, the recipients could qualify as a new witnesses in a government protection program. You have seen them.  The curtain  opens, the newly altered ‘after’ appears, and the loved ones are stunned, gapping mouths, with a ‘just who the heck is that woman? And what have they done to my wife, mom, sister, etc.’ look on their faces. 


Makeovers on the other hand are subtle ways in which you enhance your appearance yet are still able to recognize yourself in the mirror.  Perhaps it is a new haircut, or adding highlights, or just a couple of updated makeup tweaks that help you look your best. A good makeover doesn’t require a full overhaul in most cases, but rather just a couple of refining methods to keep you looking and feeling radiant.


Most of us learned to put on our makeup in either high school or college, and even though we are not wearing the same clothes, driving the same car, or living in the same place as we did way back then, somehow we get stuck in a makeup time warp.  If you have not changed your look in the last five years ~ girlfriend, it shows! 


makeup-58You can go to any department store cosmetics counter, spa or salon makeup artist and schedule a makeover appointment with an expert.  It won’t cost a lot of money, only about one hour of time, and the new updated techniques could take a few years off your age, bring out your sparkling eyes, or accentuate your luscious lips – now that is priceless! 


If you want to see a makeover in action, I have created four free mini makeup videos to walk you through the how-to process.  Each focuses on a different part of the face:  skin condition; foundation, blush and powder; eyes; and the lips.  I invite you to sit back, relax, watch and learn how you can bring out your personal beauty best in a matter of minutes!  Click here to begin your beautiful makeover:


Enjoy!  And remember to always surround yourself with beauty!






Susie Galvez




May 5th, 2009

You know how your computer will seemingly out of nowhere, suddenly slow down to a snail’s pace, take forever to get to a new page, be stuck in the ‘unknown zone’ or worse ~ just freeze up altogether – without warning or explanation?


And there you sit staring at the white glove pointer finger or watching the spinning ball waiting for the darn thing to load – knowing that it there is a 99.9% chance that it will not happen, and you will have give up – but yet somehow you don’t lose hope that a miracle will happen on its own – and voila all will once again be right in the land of computers – ughhhh wrong! Sooooo wrong.


Without a doubt you know that you will have to reboot it to fix it! But you don’t right away.  No, no, no, you try to wait it out – or try to trick it out.  Yet in the time it took to sit, wait, and pray that your computer would heal thy self – you could have turned it off, powered down, and started over, rebooted and got back on track a lot sooner.  blog-photos1


Your skin is a lot like your computer.  Everything running smooth and beautifully –  rosy cheeks, luminous healthy glow, supple and firm, you feel confident in your own skin, like what you see in the mirror ~ and then seemingly out of nowhere, suddenly your skin looks dry, flaky, irritated, old and saggy, foundation streaks, eyeshadow melts, mascara runs, or lipstick smears –  without apparent warning!  And you cannot figure out why – after all you didn’t change a thing.  Same skincare routine, same makeup application, same dietary program – what on earth happened and caused this unexpected and definitely uninvited change? 


Your skin – like your computer, is exposed every second of the day – to all kinds of uninvited, totally pesky ‘tagalongs.’  The computer terms are cookies, untrusted sites, and temporary files – for your skin is environmental elements – such as overly heated or cooled air, sun exposure, lack of hydration, and of course, the ever present stress factor, just to name a few of the constant bombardments to which your skin is exposed.  Whatever the cause, just like your computer – sometimes your skin needs to Reboot!


Actually now is a perfect time to Reboot Your Beauty!  We are finally emerging from a season of cover it all up and entering a season of show it all off!  Time to say out with the old and in with the new – literally.  If you read my “Take A Skinventory” blog posting –  you know what to do to see what condition your skin condition is in.


1233063417mwywn0For those who either missed it, or didn’t have time to read it – my Skinventory tips, teaching you how to read your skin, is available via video!  It is free, takes less than 4 minutes to watch, and could take years off your age!  Simply click to see how your skin is caught on tape.   





Susie Galvez

CBE (Chief Beauty Enhancer)


March 2nd, 2009


When was the last time you looked at your skin – really looked to determine what condition your skin condition is in ~ and how your skin is aging?


I have created a fast and easy “Beauty Skinventory” to know exactly where your skin stands – or sags!


All you need is some adhesive tape and a clean, dry, unmoisturized scotch-tape-roll5face to see your skin up close and personal.

Begin the test by placing six small strips of adhesive tape one at a time on the following areas of the face:


~  Begin with a strip of tape applied vertically on the center of the forehead from the scalp line down to the bridge of the nose (in between the brows).


~  Place another piece of tape on the outside corner of each eye (where the crow’s feet would be).


~  The fourth and fifth tape strips are applied across the apple part of each cheek.


~  Finally, put a tape strip above the upper lip (like a moustache).


Gently press the tape strips onto the skin.


health_discover_home Remove the tape one strip at a time, as you review your personal ‘caught on tape’ results below:


~  Crinkly areas resembling thin lines, such as roads on a map, indicate dehydrated skin – which is a skin lacking in surface moisture. Also these crinkles are a warning that this area will wrinkle first – if left as is. Keeping a hydrating moisturizer on your skin as well as misting the skin with a mineral water mist a couple of times a day helps ease the crinkles and keeps the winkles at bay.  


~  Flakes on the tape show dry, dead skin cells. This condition is caused from not properly removing cleansing and/or makeup products, as well as not exfoliating the skin on a regular basis. Using an exfoliating product and a mask once or twice a week (depending on your skin type) will aid in reducing skin’s flakiness. Also using a clean, warm, moist washcloth along with your cleanser will help with daily flake buildup. 


~  Lines indicate a reduction of Collagen and Elastin in the skin cells. Collagen and Elastin are responsible for keeping the skin plump and firm. As we age, the skin produces less of these important skin firmers, so the skin begins to sag and lose elasticity. To encourage younger looking skin, add a high-performance product or two to your daily regime. Look for the terms ‘anti-aging’ or ‘skin firming’ in the product description.  


~  Vertical lip lines are caused from sun damage, smoking, and/or pursing the lips. To reduce the appearance of the lip lines, add an application of your eye cream over the top of the lip area as part of your twice a day regime. And when you catch yourself pursing your lips – stop it! 


Without a doubt, most of the skin conditions we have are a direct 1233063417mwywn01result of how we treat our skin. Exposure to the sun, sleeping in makeup, smoking, not drinking enough water and/or drinking excessive caffeine or alcohol, poor easting habits, and insufficient vitamins are all contributors to how we age.  


While we cannot go back in time, we can certainly go forward with a good simple skincare plan that merely takes 2 minutes in the AM and 2 minutes in the PM. Surely you can find 4 minutes a day to be even more beautiful!  


Surround yourself with beauty!


Susie Galvez

Hello Beautiful!

February 14th, 2009


Welcome to the very first issue of my Beauty Blog! I am so excited to begin sharing my favorite tips, and the very latest in beauty with all of my girlfriends!


So I figured it was only fitting to share my first blog posting with my absolute, would not be without ~ ever, beauty must-have: Lipstick!


If you are like most gals,lipstick22 lipstick is the first beauty product that you owned. I still remember my very first tube. The shade was called Ballerina Pink. It came in a most glamorous looking gold-tone tube. When you opened the tube, you had to push up the tiny, little, metal tab on the side with your thumb to move the lipstick up to apply. It looked heavenly and smelled absolutely wonderful. And to top it off – it even matched my seventh grade graduation pink dress perfectly.

My 7th grade graduation was full of firsts for me ~ first time I was allowed to wear lipstick; first time to wear heels – pink, of course – and only ¼ inch ‘kitten’ height – but I figure that still counts; and also first for pantyhose ~ after shaving my legs for, of course, the first time, but that is another story – I don’t think that the nude bandages showed through the ‘suntan’ hosiery too much.


That warm summer grammar school graduation evening, way back then – date totally forgotten – began my lifelong love affair with lipstick. And I am not the only one. Beauty industry statistics show that over 85% of all American women wear lipstick. I can’t answer for the other 15% who are totally missing out on this wonderful beauty pick me up, but I can share with you some other interesting statistics about the beauty industry’s number one selling product ~ out selling all other cosmetic products four times over!


lip_bullet Women reported that they would rather forget their wallet than their lipstick.


lip_bullet The average per purse total lipstick count is three, with at least five, ten, or more at home. For me you need to add a least an extra zero or two, and maybe even a comma, for my total count. I might need to go to lipstick rehab.


lip_bullet 2009 Lipstick celebrates its 126 year anniversary. While coloring the lips dates back to 3500 BC, the lipstick ‘stick’ was introduced in 1883 at the Amsterdam World Fair by two Frenchmen.


lip_bullet In the 1920’s when film stars began pouting bee-stung ruby lips on the big screen, lipstick ice was broken and women everywhere clamored for this enticing bit of glamour.


lip_bullet Every person’s lip print, like fingerprints, is unique. The study of lip prints is actually known as Cheiloscopy, and was introduced in 1930 by a top French Criminologist whose discovery help catch a Peeping Tom via his lip print left on an outside window pane.


No other cosmetic has enjoyed the limelight like lipstick. Personally I attribute a woman’s attraction to lipstick because of its stories, promises, and unlimited possibilities.


Whatever your reason for wearing it ~ enjoy it and your individual beauty!


I look forward to your comments, beauty tips and beauty questions, if you have them. Always remember to surround yourself with beauty!






Susie Galvez