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Friday, June 14th, 2013


Glamour, glitz, and glowing are the buzz words for summer 2013. 


The colors in fashion almost always make their way onto the face.  This season’s bright and pretty pinks, corals, yellows, greens and shades of gold, in makeup are taken right from the runway clothing designers.


Gold is the color associated with Hollywood – and since this season’s hair is all about the glam  – with roller sets, and big sexy curls ala the movie stars tresses – of course gold should be sprinkled in the makeup.  Gold, bronze, or silver flecks can be seen in everything from eye shadow, blush, bronzer, lipstick, and lip gloss to even body lotion and powder – is going to be a huge seasonal hit.  Think of the sun glistening off the water, and this year we are going to be wearing it – catching our own sun beam reflections.


Pink is flattering on everyone.  If you are in the cool family choose a pink that is valentine in color, if you are warm, a peachy pink with look fabulous.  Wear it on the eyes, the cheeks, and of course the lips.


Eye shadows are being shown in green – both military green as well as kiwi – yellows, and turquoise, with eyeliners in color that coordinate.   Add lots and lots of mascara to lengthen and thicken.  If you dare – even false eyelashes in the daytime are so right now!


Blush is back.  Sweeping upward and inward from the apple of the cheeks to the temple area – in hues ranging from lighter pinks to deepest mauves.


  Lips are shiny and sexy.  Lip gloss – think patent leather looking shiny.  Lipsticks are taking the tone of rich color with a bit of lightness via the flecks of shine added.


But the one thing to remember about any beauty trend is NOTHING will look good on poor skin.  The skin underneath the makeup is what will always show.  You would not think of exercising hard for an hour and right away – with out bathing – put on an evening dress – would you?  Then don’t put makeup on an uncared for face.  Cleanse, tone, and hydrate 2 X a day.


Have fun with this summer’s makeup – remember – makeup is like making a sandcastle at the beach – every night it washes away with the tide!  But it was fun while it lasted!


Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

You are no doubt familiar with the phrase of “the eyes are the windows on the sole.”  While the statement is on the right track, “the sole window” must include “the smile.”  You can tell far more about a person from their smile.

According to Marianne LaFrance, author of “Lip Service: Smiles in Life, Death, Trust, Lies, Work, Memory, Sex, and Politics,” knowing how to read a smile can be very eye opening.

Real versus Fake? In a real smile, the cheeks rise and crow’s feet appear.  In a fake smile, only the mouth is involved.  Also, a real smile comes onto the face in a relaxed way and stays only a few seconds.  A fake smile looks like it’s snapped on and is held in place too long.

What’s the difference between a smile and a smirk?  Authentic smiles are symmetrical.  Both sides of the mouth curve up equally.  A smirk is asymmetrical—the curve is more pronounced on one side.  It communicates contempt, says LaFrance.

Men versus Women’s smiles?  Women smile more than men.  They also have larger smile muscles, which has led scientists to ponder whether women smile more because of their face muscles or if those muscles are developed because women are encouraged to smile more.  As a note: Women are also much better at reading a smile. 

Does Botox have any effect on smiling?  Botox can paralyze the muscles involved in real smiles.  During a genuine smile, the hormone oxytocin is released, causing a feeling of well-being.  You can’t get this from a fake smile… Botox or no Botox!

In the case of a genuine smile…faking it until you make it….is a lot like wearing clear lip gloss…why even bother?

Beauty is easy…once you know the tricks!

Susie Galvez  😉  (grin)




Friday, August 26th, 2011


Happy 40th birthday, Great Lash Mascara!  Forty years ago Maybelline New York introduced women to Great Lash Mascara, and a love affair began.  The pink and green tube continues to be America’s #1 selling mascara, with over 20 million pieces sold each year.  Passed from generation to generation, devotees remain true to the beloved formula for perfectly defined, thick, conditioned lashes.  Maybe that is why a tube of Great Lash is sold every 1.7 seconds in the US.

Great Lash’s history is rooted in fashion.  In 1971, Lilly Pulitzer, a then up-and-coming designer known for her bright and cherry fabrics, inspired Great Lash’s legendary pink and green tube.  The unique color palette has become instantly recognizable and the symbol of an American beauty icon.



First let me stress that I am a big fan of CHANEL in all ways.  Classic, yet modern, elegant, yet understated, expensive yet considered priceless.  However, I am not at all convinced that the brand new, limited edition, Recourbe Cils De CHANEL Precision Eyelash Curler is worth the price of $34.00!

Sure it comes in a swanky CHANEL black box, and is CHANEL Black in color instead standard silver and plastic shrink-wrapped cardboard, hung on a wall display – but to cost 17 times more than my little ol’ $2.00 Revlon lash curler, that looks the same, and operates the same….I have to say HUH?



Okay, car sunglasses make sense, but I am rolling my eyes at this new car accessory called Carlashes!  It’s a pair of stick-on lashes for your car headlights.  They come in black, silver sparkly, and even pink!

I have seen a couple of cars with the Carlashes, and have to say it does make you smile and laugh out loud!  Makes me wonder what’s next….auto-mascara?

Wink Wink!

Susie Galvez