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As a makeup artist for many years, I have had the opportunity to 'test drive' just about every cosmetic product on the market. With all of the zillions of colors, textures, finishes, and shades available- it is no wonder that my clients reported being confused and unsure about what product will best for them. You only have to turn the pages of any woman's magazine to see the latest, and supposedly greatest, product has just arrived to your neighborhood store.

With all of these choices ~ how do you even begin to take a guess which one will work for you? If you are like most of us, just opening your makeup drawer will show how many products you have bought on a promise and quickly found undelivered on performance. It is time to stop the makeup madness!

Beauty should not be complicated. It should, in fact, be simple. Beauty products should be simple to choose, simple to use and simple to apply and produce beautiful results ~ every time. Skin Pearls offers mistake proof products with the ease of a flawless application. They are the only products in my makeup drawer and in my professional makeup artist bag!

Susie Galvez

"I always say that if you are taking more than 10 minutes to put on your makeup ~ then you are just enjoying the view! Because when you do it right, taking the little extra steps to ensure it lasts all day, you will find that making up isn't time consuming ~ it is actually time saving, as you don't have to constantly reapply through the day!"   Susie Galvez

Skin Pearls Cosmetic Line
Mineral Sheer Tint Foundation
Crème Blush
Mosaic Gleamer Powder
Mosaic Sheer Satin Blush Powder
Botanical Shadow Primer
Eye Shadow
Brow Blender Pencil
Powder Liner for Eyes
Lush Lash Mascara
Lip Exfoliating Treatment
Lip Base
Automatic Lip Liner
Luscious Lipcolor
Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss